Adopting a structured teaching approach, our instructors provide a stimulating learning environment for our individuals to establish cognitive concepts, speech and communication, social, prevocational and vocational skills, as well as daily living skills etc. We strive for promoting and enhancing their personal well-being through a range of community-based training programs in a holistic perspective.

We have the following programs available for the developmentally disabled. Prior to admission, an in-take interview will be conducted where each individual will be observationally assessed for one hour in order to determine their training needs.



Sensory Integration
For people with difficulty integrating their senses


Individual Training
Personalized training objectives for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages

Social Programs

The more we get together
An intensive social therapeutic group with specific learning objectives

Banyan Kids/Teens
A weekend respite social group for children with developmental disabilities from ages 7-20

School Holiday Programs

March Break Delights (March)
Summer Madness (July & August)
Thematic activities during school holidays to enhance personal growth and development in a structured environment

Weekend Programs

Joy life club (Saturday)
Fit for life (Saturday)
Weekend social clubs for children with developmental disabilties over 13 years old

Adults - 21+ years

A Place in the Sun
A structured teaching program consisting of 7 program components with the objective or reach the Banyan Paradigm

Other Programs
  • Early years training pgoram for children with developmental disabilities under 6 years old
  • Fun in the Sun - An overnight camp for supported living skills training

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